#37 – That’s A Burger – The Best Burger on the South Side

After we dig out from this snow, you owe it to get out the house and treat yourself to some comfort food.

When I first began I asked my Facebook friends to tell me where the best cheese burger was on the south side of Chicago. Judging from the lack of replies either you don’t know or you are trying to keep your spot a secret from the rest of us.

Today I am going to tell you about the best kept burger secret on the south side of Chicago. For the absolute BEST burger go to That’s A Burger on 2134 E. 71st Street. I recommend going when you have time to wait because each burger is made to order. This is not a sit down restaurant. This is your neighborhood comfort food spot. You will quickly learn that it is better to call your order in for pick-up. Either way, this burger is MORE than worth the wait.

My sorority sister introduced me to this place. I had a taste for a hamburger and had no suggestions as to where to go. She said people told her how great these burgers were but that she should be prepared to either call ahead or wait.

Fast forward to the arrival of this masterpiece to my house. When I unwrapped my hamburger, all I can tell you is that I immediately knew I was in for a treat. The fact that I could see that it was a hand patted hamburger made me so excited. The grilled onions and other toppings  made my burger pleaseantly sloppy and that is how I like it!

That’s A Burger has hand cut fries and great turkey burgers. Of course there are other sandwiches on the menu. Do not go to Thats A Burger and order anything until you have had the burger! This burger will remind you of that huge burger your dad or grandfather used to make that had juice drippin down your arm. 

I apologize…I don’t have a picture. I was a little greedy and …well….when you go you will understand.


That’s A Burger

2134 E. 71st Street

Chicago, IL

(773) 493-2080


  1. says

    Thank you! My friend LOVES burgers. No matter where we go, ANY RESTAURANT, he orders A BURGER. So on Valentines Day I’ll declare my love by bringing him to this spot. If he ever decides to put a Ring on It, you’ll be in the credits. Thanks 365 South!

    • Margaret Murray says

      Now, you KNOW this is my spot!!!!!!!!!!!! I only eat turkey burgers and a soror put me onto That’s a Burger years ago…the BEST turkeyburger EVER!!! If you’ve had one from That’s a Burger and think you’ll go somewhere else and get the same…forget it…you will be sorely disappointed. Go no where else…as Kim said, it’s worth the wait!!

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